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New Paths with ETCS

Scheidt & Bachmann relies on a fully digital solution for all ETCS levels, in which information from the interlocking core is intelligently transmitted to the vehicle via a data link. In this way, road-specifi c information can be sent dynamically to the vehicle. The ETCS architecture from Scheidt & Bachmann provides for all levels and modes. The ETCS data can be sent via balises (level 1) or SCI-RBC (level 2/3). The solution is fully compliant with the UNISIG specifi cation.

Our digital solution for Level 1 Full Supervision (FS) is already successfully in operation and in practice realises signifi cant advantages over existing concepts. The same logic can also be used for Level 2/3. Data transmission is then realised via the Radio Block Centre (RBC).

Dynamic Level 1 FS off ers various advantages for railway operations:

  • Shorter travel times and increased performance
  • Temporary speed restrictions can be dynamically controlled by the dispatcher
  • Balises are saved (no repositioning, no throwing balises)
  • No intermediate states due to lamp current measurement
  • Central ETCS data storage in the interlocking

BCU (Balise Control Unit)

The BCU is an intelligent interface between the DSTW ZSB 2000 and the balise. The necessary ETCS information is transmitted from the interlocking to the BCU, which then generates the ETCS telegrams as required at runtime. 

Successful initial application at CFL

At CFL in Luxembourg, the 1st and 2nd construction sections of the northern line (lower part) were put into operation in August 2022. The largest station is Ettelbrück with 44 switches, 74 balise groups and 105 axle counters.


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