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Planning services for Signalling Systems

Scheidt & Bachmann has a tradition of over 130 years in regards of production and installation of signalling technique. Since now extensive interlocking and level crossing systems at national and at international railway market are realised.

Our current systems BUES 2000 and ZSB 2000 provide innovative solutions for future oriented applications.

Scheidt & Bachmann supports all necessary consulting and planning services corresponding level crossing systems and railway signalling purpuses. In special, consulting and planning services for:

  • technical equipment
  • construction works technique
  • measuring

Planning services are realised by Scheidt & Bachmann's competent and qualified employees.

Scheidt & Bachmann pre-qualified for realisation of planning services for DB AG.

Accordion (EN)

We are able to realise all necessary planning services. As a manufacturer of Signalling Systems we can pre-plan suitable services and coordinate projects and realisations tasks. Our planning services are:

Technical equipment:

  • signalling systems
  • electronical installations
  • telecommunication installations

Construction works:

  • civil engineering
  • rail systems
  • road transport infrastructure


  • design- and construction measurement

Equipped services:

  • definition of terms of tasks
  • preliminary draft
  • technical and construction work preliminary draft
  • planning of state of construction, adaptations
  • planning of conveyance of property (cancellation of the level crossing)
  • cost estimation
  • creation of level crossing arrangements
  • creation of documentation according to plan approvals
  • creation of tender documents
  • realisation of bit invitation and evaluation

For inquiries concerning consulting and planning services our subsidiary in Berlin is always at your disposal.

Qualified planning services in the areas' preliminary draft planning and approval planning for Signalling Systems need a deeply evaluation of environments' conditions and requests in advance. These include:

  • realisation of feasibility study
  • description of technical and commercial solutions
  • consulting regarding choosing of system and technique possibilities
  • supporting of realisation measures
  • construction work consulting for level crossing designing
  • preparation public agencies (TöB= Land use planning) with traffically proposals and solutions

Please feel free to use our competence already in starting phase of your project.

For inquiries concerning consulting and planning services our subsidiary in Berlin is always at your disposal.



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Fax: +49 2166 266-475

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