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FareGo FB|30 farebox system

Designed for simplicity,
durability and longevity

/ Field devices

Next generation farebox

Update your transit system with the next level of farebox technology. Our FareGo FB|30 farebox makes fare collection on buses faster and easier than ever before. It streamlines the fare payment process, allowing riders to quickly pay with cash and coins. This simplifies and expedites boarding, making public transportation more convenient for everyone.

The whole farebox system includes vaulting equipment, device management system, hardware and software services as well as installation services and support from day one.

More facts you need to know about the FareGo FB|30

Designed for simplicity

Make boarding the bus as easy and stress-free as possible. The FareGo FB|30 customer interface provides a straightforward experience for riders and operators alike.

Designed for durability

The intelligently designed, long-lasting FareGo FB|30 requires fewer repairs and replacements. It also fits alongside previously installed handrails and has a non-reflective, operator-friendly surface.

Designed for longevity

The FareGo FB|30 is manufactured with high-quality materials and modular components to ensure it’s long-lasting and easy to maintain.


FareGo FB|30 at a glance

The next generation farebox is here. Our FareGo FB|30 farebox makes fare collection on buses faster and easier than ever before. Download the brochure now and learn how to simplify and expedite boarding and make public transportation more convenient for everyone.


“Scheidt & Bachmann has been a critical partner over the last 15 years to provide transit service and access to many across the valley.

We look forward to continuing our relationship to bring more modern, customer-friendly solutions to our passengers who rely on our service each and every day."

Jessica Mefford-Miller
CEO of Valley Metro


Press release

A modern fare collection system for UTA

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has chosen Scheidt & Bachmann Inc. to implement a next generation fare collection system.

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Press release

Valley Metro get a new next generation farebox system

On December 19, 2022, Valley Metro executed a contract with Scheidt & Bachmann to provide a comprehensive farebox maintenance program for the City of…

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