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We make travel easy for passengers

/ Solutions

Account-based Ticketing

FareGo Suite, our account-based ticketing solution, provides superior customer experience. This next-generation digital fare collection system offers a unique fare collection service: Passengers can choose to use fare media and payment methods for public transport as they wish.

FareGo Suite supports digital fare collection with mobile apps, contactless fare and payment media, open payment and

validators and fare gates as well as traditional ticketing with self-service and staffed sales devices, cash payment and paper tickets.  

FareGo Suite is a cloud-based, modular, and scalable end-to-end solution, suiting transport operators of all sizes. Its open API layer allows seamless integration of complex systems or entire mobility platforms.

Ticketing for every lifestyle

Ticketing for every lifestyle

Individual fare collection and simplified transit services for every passenger.

Suitable for any network

Suitable for any network

A scalable system, always optimally aligned to current and individual requirements, for both smaller or larger networks. Functionalities can be switched on and off as needed.

Open for integration

Open for integration

Unique integration strategies based on open APIs enable complex system designs and support comprehensive mobility platforms.

Account-based Ticketing Features

Open Payment

Tap & go: Public transport made simple. Passengers tap their contactless credit or debit card or mobile payment app when they board and exit buses and trains. No ticket selection, no registration necessary. After each tap, FareGo Suite performs a journey construction and best-price calculation. Fare capping ensures that passengers always pay the lowest price, which is deducted directly from the credit card account.


Just ride. The simplest mobile ticketing: No tapping, no ticket selection, but with automatic best price calculation after the travel. Passengers activate the app to start the detection of their journeys. Everything else happens automatically. The app communicates with the system during the journeys to identify the exact trips: Boarding, switching, alighting. It couldn't be simpler.

Pay as you go

Travelling without hassle. It's not always easy to find the right ticket, especially under pressure at the beginning of a journey. 'Pay as you go' frees passengers from this burden and provides them the option to automatically pay after travel. Usually combined with a check-in/check-out system, are journey construction and best-price calculation performed after each tap. Can be paid for with open payment and stored value.

Fare media range

Passengers have their own preferences which fare media they want to use: Mobile ticketing, payment apps, barcodes, bank cards, smartwatches, smart cards or simple paper tickets. FareGo Suite supports all common contactless ticketing and payment media and combines them in one system: your customers can choose exactly the fare media that fit their personal lifestyle.

Accounts and IDs

Information is no longer stored on the ticket or smart card but centrally in the system. FareGo Suite creates personalised or anonymous accounts to store the transactions, ticketing and payment information of each passenger and all journeys. The ticket medium only acts as an identifier that refers to the related account. This is why account-based ticketing is also called ID-based ticketing.

Open API Layer

FareGo Suite is an open system, designed to meet the needs of today, and ready for the connected world of tomorrow. The entire system is surrounded by an open API layer to facilitate integration of complex systems and entire mobility platforms. A feature that is truly unique in the industry.


/ Open Payment in Bonn, Germany


Open payment in Bonn, Germany: The first fare collection system in Germany based on contactless credit and debit cards. No ticket selection, no registration needed.

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/ Account-based Ticketing in Ottawa, Canada

OC Transpo

Leading-edge fare collection for a multimodal network, including fare gates, validators and vending machines with virtual assistance. Open payment, contactless and device-based ticketing options.

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/ Nationwide fare collection in the Netherlands


Transforming the national OV-chipkaart system from card-based to a digital, cloud-based system. Nationwide account-based ticketing, provided as a hosted service.

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Compatible hardware solutions

Validation Devices

Validation Devices

Powerful validation devices for buses, trains and platforms, supporting contactless fare and payment media, cEMV certified.

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Fare Gates

Fare Gates

Intelligent fare gate technology providing seamless access to public transport services, supporting contactless fare and payment media.

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Sales Devices

Sales Devices

Leading-edge devices for ticket sales, traditional and digital sales channels, for buses, trains, ticket offices and platforms.

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Third Party Devices

Third Party Devices

The FareGo Suite’s unique open API layer allows seamless integration of devices from other suppliers.

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