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SIQMA Connect

SIQMA Connect

Extend and digitize the customer journey onsite and offsite with SIQMA Connect

Today, overall solutions for the management of a fuel retail station network usually consist of networked systems from several providers. In addition to the market-leading SIQMA solutions, there are specialised providers, e.g. for wet-stock pricing, data outsourcing, loyalty programmes, delivery services, digital customer dialogues, etc. With SIQMA Connect standard interfaces, you can easily connect third-party systems with your SIQMA solutions. The result: an optimised overall solution that fits your needs exactly.

  • Standardised system interfaces for connecting third-party systems (e.g. IFSFPay API).
  • Automated transfer of all relevant data to selected cooperation partners (e.g. eurodata) via a secure connection
  • Receipt and transmission of article, price and delivery data 
  • Exchange of sales data with third-party systems
  • Connection to existing system structures (e.g. SAP)
  • Integration into customers‘ own mobile apps

SIQMA Charge.Connect

SIQMA Charge.Connect enables the seamless connection of EV-charging stations to SIQMA POS, SIQMA OPT or SIQMA Smoove without any hardware investment. This means that EV-charging and shop sales can be conveniently paid for as one transaction in an open payment system, offering numerous opportunities for cross-selling and recapturing customer dialogue from EMPs. Of course, the charging process can be started, stopped and monitored at the respective SIQMA payment solution, as well as the general status of the EV-charging stations. For customers, this is a clear advantage, as it means that charging their car becomes as easy as refuelling their car.


SIQMA IFSFPay.Connect is a standardised mobile payment solution and ensures that all relevant information to support mobile payments can be exchanged between the POS system and a customer‘s mobile payment app so that they can pay directly at the pump.

SIQMA E-Receipt.Connect

SIQMA E-Receipt.Connect enables the provision of digital receipts instead of printing receipts for each transaction. Customers can conveniently save their receipts digitally on their smartphone and thus also save a lot of paper. The digital receipt can be offered at all SIQMA Checkout solutions: At the SIQMA POS, SIQMA Smoove, SIQMA CRID or in mobile solutions.

SIQMA Delivery.Connect

Additional services can be offered at the fuel retail station via SIQMA Delivery.Connect. Delivery services, pre-ordering and pick-up services can be linked to the SIQMA product world and thus generate additional business in the shop and catering sector.

SIQMA Scan&Go.Connect

SIQMA Scan&Go.Connect enables simple self-checkout via smartphone app. Fuel retail station customers can scan the barcode of the items themselves in the shop and automatically settle their accounts via an app.

SIQMA Couponing.Connect

A new means of customer loyalty is the versatile couponing solution SIQMA Couponing.Connect. Promotional coupons can also be issued as part of a promotion campaign in cooperation with partner companies, allowing a variety of cross-promotion campaigns. Fuel retailers who want to reach their customers digitally can also integrate the couponing function into their customer app and thus create added value with a modern loyalty solution.

SIQMA Wetstock.Connect

Up-to-date information on wet data is essential for managing the fuel business. SIQMA Wetstock.Connect provides data on individual products from tank level gauges such as volume, temperature, water level, etc. to a 3rd party host system. Transaction data on sales is also transmitted, as well as end-of-day totals for each product group. On this basis, it is possible to control the fuel business in detail and to optimally plan deliveries.

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