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We make travel easy for passengers

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Data Management

Access the power of data! Digital systems generate and process informative data. FareGo 360 is an innovative data management system that enables transport operators to use their system’s mass data to optimise business performance. It transforms raw data into relevant information, prepared for the individual user.

You receive real-time information and notifications, gain critical insights from enriched, historical data and benefit from intelligent predictions and automation options; all features aligned with each individual’s job requirements. This is how FareGo 360 makes your life easier, just like a digital assistant.

Take positive action

Take positive action

  • Avoid unexpected disruption
  • Respond faster to incidents

Gain critical insights

Gain critical insights

  • Make precise and informed decisions
  • Identify hidden patterns and trends

Achieve business success

Achieve business success

  • Optimise operations
  • Plan future requirements


FareGo 360 - A data management system for modern transport operators (EN), ScheidtBachmann
FareGo 360 - A data management system for modern transport operators (EN)

Data Management Features

/ Data Management

360° View

Always know what's going on. FareGo 360 is connected to the fare collection infrastructure and provides transport operators with a 360° view of the entire fare collection operation, via computer, tablet or smartphone. You can view the system’s real-time health status immediately and automatically receive notifications in case of irregularities and potential issues, preventing unexpected disruptions.

/ Data Management

Intelligent prediction

Optimally prepared to keep your system ready for use: Know how long a device’s ticket stock lasts and when it needs a refill, be informed if a device is potentially out of service without any error message. FareGo 360 provides intelligent predictions, based on the system’s historical mass data - for single devices up the entire fleet. It uses leading-edge technologies to detect irregularities and anticipate potential issues. Stay one step ahead and ensure reliable passenger services.

/ Data Management

Reports and Analysis

Insights beyond today. Combine the system’s historical mass data with external information, identify hidden patterns and trends to both optimise operations and plan future requirements. Detect the cause of any problems easily and plan upcoming operational tasks ahead. FareGo 360’s powerful data warehousing technology and the intuitive reporting feature allow crucial data analysis and reporting with ease.

/ Data Management

Tailored to each user

The right information, to the right people, at the right time: Each user receives exactly the information and tools needed for the individual role. FareGo 360 adapts the respective functions to the user role and prepares the information individually – just like a personal digital assistant. Daily tasks are simplified, and processes streamlined.

/ Data Management


Leave it to FareGo 360. Our data management is smart. It is the first instance that detects incidents, predicts upcoming tasks, and even anticipates potential issues. With its automation feature you can leave it to FareGo 360 to process this information and notify a person or a team, open a service request, or send a service engineer.


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