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SIQMA Promote

SIQMA Promote

SIQMA Promote, with its wide range of applications, enables comprehensive promotion management at your fuel retail sites.

SIQMA HOS – Central Planning

Via our SIQMA HOS you plan, send and monitor the promotions at your stations.Centrally planned, promotions are distributed to the SIQMA system of the connected sites.

SIQMA BOS – Decentralised Planning

SIQMA BOS enables individual planning for each site. This means that all information is always up to date on a daily basis, without much effort. Everything with just a few clicks!

Integration in merchandise management

Integrated into the system‘s merchandise management, SIQMA Promote accesses existing information such as prices and article descriptions and thus always remains up-to-date. This means that prices do not have to be adjusted manually when they change.

SIQMA Collect

With SIQMA Collect you can create coupon-based promotions that can either be distributed via several media, e.g. newsletters, or printed directly on the receipt in connection with a purchase on site. Coupons can be static, meaning all codes are the same and therefore coupons can be redeemed multiple times, or dynamic. Dynamic coupons contain a unique code that can be redeemed once at all participating fuel stations. The monitoring of dynamic coupons is centralised in SIQMA HOS. In combination with SIQMA Couponing.Connect, cross-promotion campaigns are possible, which can be carried out together with external partner companies.

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