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We make travel easy for passengers

/ Solutions

Fare Collection Devices

Boost the passenger experience with every customer touchpoint. Be it ticket sales, fare media validation or smooth access to platforms, the advanced FareGo devices help transport operators 

to provide outstanding services to passengers. All FareGo devices are seamlessly integrated in account-based ticketing and card-based systems. 

Sales Devices

Ticket purchase made easy. With the advanced sales devices from FareGo, passengers intuitively find the right ticket and can pay as they wish. The devices process all common fare media and payment methods and support straightforward ticket purchase wherever your customers are: at stations, stops and ticket offices, or on buses and trains.

  • Ticket vending machines for stations and bus stops
  • Ticket vending machines for buses and trains 
  • Ticketing terminals and fareboxes for buses
  • Point-of-sale systems (POS) for ticket offices and kiosks 

See our new farebox FareGo FB|30

Validation Devices

Boarding needs to be fast: With the validation devices from FareGo, passengers can simply check in and out as they go. The focus is on fast processing of contactless media to speed up boarding and alighting and avoid delays. Passengers use contactless ticket media such as smartcards and barcodes or pay directly with their contactless bank card or mobile payment app – simple, fast, intuitive.

  • Validators for platforms
  • Validators for buses and trains

Fare Gates

Seamless access to public transport services. Passengers travel alone, with luggage, children or in a wheelchair – the intelligent fare gates from FareGo identify people and situations very precisely to serve every customer according to their current needs. In combination with the intelligent sensor technology, advanced validation technology ensures fast processing of contactless ticket and payment media and a frictionless travel experience, while preventing tailgating.

  • Pivoting fare gates with slim housing
  • Short versions for smaller stations
  • Wide passages supporting passengers travelling with equipment

See our new fare gate FareGo PG|50

Device Management

Every field device of the entire network within reach. Our proven device manager FareGo Data provides central access to your fare collection devices. The intuitive design simplifies the management of the entire device fleet and reduces the effort for typical tasks such as master data management or tariff maintenance. You can access the devices and execute direct commands remotely. This way, disruptions can be solved quickly, and on-site technicians are freed up.

  • Administration of devices, operational data, versions
  • Tariff maintenance
  • Layout studio for creation and modification of ticket layouts
  • Frontend designer for modification of sales application
  • Direct commands


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