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In 1989 the company walked-on a completely new path in the area of signalling equipment by developing a fully computer controlled technique for level crossing systems named BUES 2000. In the meantime more than 3000 BUES 2000-Systems are installed on the national and international market. For all safety levels the necessary permissions of the EBA (Federal Agency of Railways) is available. This technology sets standards with an intelligent BUS-system-concept (CAN=Controller Area Network) and detailed diagnosis opportunities for maintenance and servicing purposes. With the realisation of interlocking system ZSB 2000 Scheidt & Bachmann realised a future oriented railway signalling technique, which is based on BUES 2000 technology.

Additionally to the supply and installation of signal technique and the necessary projection of the official planning documents (PT II) on this, Scheidt & Bachmann had already started with the assembly of level crossing systems in the scope of prime contractor ship at the beginning of the nineties. Since this time the supervising and coordination of the single crafts (civil engineering, telecommunication engineering, EVU etc.) and the providing of planning services are fundamental service components from the company Scheidt & Bachmann.

Especially in the DB AG-Project "BÜ 750" (renewal of level crossing systems in the newly-formed German states) Scheidt & Bachmann has collected a lot of experience in this matter. Nearly 100 level crossing systems were installed during this project with Scheidt & Bachmann as the general contactor. Supervising and coordination of the crafts were realised with Scheidt & Bachmann employees. The same is valid for various VDE large-scale projects of the PBDE (Planning society of railway constructions German Unity).

Since the year 1999 Scheidt & Bachmann provides necessary planning services by our own qualified employees. We are qualified by DB AG for providing these planning services. As additional reference we may say that the German Railway AG honoured Scheidt & Bachmann as a Q1 Supplier. We are furthermore certified with Lloyd's Registry according to ISO 9001.


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