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SIQMA POS is exclusively tailored to the needs of fuel retailers

The processes and interface have been optimised for quick and easy use. The modern fuel retail POS is therefore particularly easy and intuitive to operate, saving long training periods for your cashiers. Our SIQMA Mira POS hardware in tablet form factor is particularly suitable for confined spaces. SIQMA Mira can be used either – as a regular SIQMA POS – as an intelligent, interactive customer display – or in addition with SIQMA Smoove as a desktop self-checkout.


As a cloud-based version, SIQMA POS can be operated on a variety of different end devices. The POS is called up on the SIQMA Mira, for example, and is available fully functional. To ensure offline functionality as well, the POS application runs in the background on our SIQMA Cloudlink. This way, the POS is online even when the site is offline. The cloud-based POS is available fully functional for different application scenarios, for example, in the bistro area with buffet or table service, at the car wash or directly in the forecourt. Future-oriented, all current fuels as well as new products such as electric charging, H2 and LNG are already available at the SIQMA POS.

Card processing

Market leadership is also evident in the area of card processing: modern payment, loyalty and fleet card solutions are already integrated in SIQMA POS. To SIQMA POS you can connect a variety of terminal solutions and process a broad card portfolio. Thus, specific, modern system solutions exist for practically every country. Digital products such as vouchers are also accepted.

Future-Orientated Technology

You receive a complete package of software maintenance and service / support and thus have no expenses for operation and maintenance of your SIQMA system on your side. At the same time you always receive the latest software version and all the innovations it contains. With the current Windows as a basis, you already benefit today, within the scope of software maintenance, from a future-proof platform that enables you to scale your systems as you wish in the future.

  • Shortest installation times
  • Touch-POS with a customizable interface
  • Future-proof through web technology
  • Control of the entire forecourt
  • Highest flexibility for use at the station

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