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In a dynamic area such as service station management, solutions are needed that are up to date and trendsetting at the same time. The goal is: Making your service station business more successful.

The brand mark SIQMA sums up our competences, system solutions and services for service station management. Behind SIQMA, Scheidt & Bachmann stands with its four market-leading business divisions, entirely focused on mobility operations. SIQMA solutions are based on the four business fields: SELL, MANAGE, LINK and CARE.

CARE combines all service and training offerings for SIQMA solutions. We provide comprehensive project and service management, service station monitoring, training, staging and deployment – all from one single provider.

Our company-owned service desk significantly contributes to the optimal functioning of all SIQMA solutions. The integrated remote functionality grants access to all installed systems and makes online help possible. Special analysing tools support the swift analysis and timely resolution of most issues in the field. 

All functions and applications of a service station can be remotely controlled via our remote maintenance. Subsequently, we are able to keep your software updated at all times and special analysing tools support us by increasing your systems’ performance. On-site support or software updates and patches are conducted time optimized and fully-automated – without interruptions to your business.

Any spare parts required are available via SIQMA Replace as quickly as possible. If you opt for our co-service, we send you the necessary spare parts that you can exchange and put into operation yourself, without involving our own service technicians. Of course, we only provide original spare parts that comply with the high quality standards of SIQMA.

In our modern training facilities in Mönchengladbach, we offer comprehensive training courses that guide you hands-on through the use of our systems. Training is available for beginners through to advanced special workshops, and all training courses can be adapted to your particular needs.

In addition we offer flexible online training sessions. The sessions are regularly conducted online and you can book your very own individual training that is 100% customised to your needs. Training topics and contents can either be freely chosen by you or defined together with our experts. Our special features include:

  1. Individual training programmes
  2. Live and interactive communication
  3. Very personal training led by our experts
  4. Independent of time and place
  5. No travel costs and travel time

Find out more about our online training sessions.

In order to detect incidents early, or to prevent them through timely service interventions, we permanently monitor the systems, and analyse all system messages sent directly to our central monitoring systems. Our service technicians and service desk react promptly to ensure the continued availability of your systems.

Within the scope of a roll-out, we coordinate all activities, from system planning through to system commissioning. Through our comprehensive pre-deployment preparations, we are able to keep station downtime to an absolute minimum, and with our experienced team of technicians, we are able to realize mass rollouts within short timeframes.

Our goal is to maintain the sales availability of your service station. To accomplish this, we use several tools that enable us to control and monitor your systems from afar, facilitating even faster reaction times. We hold the status of your station under constant scrutiny, and we can offer you web access to our ticket live-view system, so you can see the actual status of all your sites at any time.


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