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/ About us

Scheidt & Bachmann

Our family business was founded in 1872 and is currently under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Norbert Miller, now in the fifth generation of the family shareholders.

About 3,500 employees from nearly 50 nations worldwide are working on our innovative solutions for a mobile world. It is no longer sufficient to simply provide barriers and machines, the real challenge lies in the intelligence and networking of our system solutions.

Software development and service management have become the heart of our systems for predictive, intelligent mobility. 

The secret of our long-term success is simple: We trust in the skills of our employees and work daily from supplying our customers with products, developments and services of the highest quality.

Our History - 1872 until today

/ 1872

Company founded with eight employees

Businessman Wilhelm Friedrich Scheidt and engineer Carl Bachmann found Scheidt & Bachmann in Mönchengladbach. The company headquarters are located at Mühlenstraße 54 (today Erzbergerstraße). The first factory equipment consists of a small steam engine and some machine tools, which are purchased second-hand. The products of the young company are textile machines, transmissions and smaller steam engines.

/ 1879

Foundation of Signalling Systems

Carl Bachmann took up a suggestion from his brother, Julius Bachmann, and a friend, Heinrich Dorpmüller: The expansion of the railroad and the accompanying installation of signal interlockings and switches had created a need for security. Immediately, Scheidt & Bachmann starts to design suitable systems. This gives rise to the first business division: Signalling Systems.

/ 1896

Our first patent

The first Scheidt & Bachmann patent for a "drive device for road barriers".

/ 1932

Foundation of Energy Retail Solutions

At the end of the 1920s, the market for fuel dispensers and devices for storing and metering fuel collapsed considerably. However, this actually weak market situation also offers a low entry barrier for market entry. Thus Scheidt & Bachmann takes advantage of the insolvency of the fuel dispenser manufacturer "Werner Handelsgesellschaft" and takes over not only about 30 employees but also its sales market. This is the birth of the second business area: Fuel Retail Solutions.

/ 1961

Entry into electronics

With the advent of electronics, electricity is no longer just a power source. Semiconductor technology makes it possible to realize intelligent functions through circuits that could previously only be accomplished with mechanical components. As a result, assemblies are becoming smaller, faster and can perform more complex tasks. For example, the first electronically controlled barrier systems or electromechanically operating dispensers for gas pumps can be developed.

/ 1966

Parking Solutions founded

When individual traffic increases drastically in the 1960s, the marketing of parking areas becomes a lucrative business. Scheidt & Bachmann already has components that are used for automated parking space management, such as light signal controls, banner controls, induction loops, barrier drives and automatic machines. Complementary functional modules, especially for the parking industry, are being developed. The third business unit, Parking Solutions, is born.

/ 1970

Entry into microprocessor technology

With the first microprocessors, a new intelligent generation of devices and, at the same time, software development begins at Scheidt & Bachmann. In the areas of tank and parking systems, the first microprocessor-controlled products are quickly successfully launched on the markets. Soon after, microprocessor-controlled signalling systems also meet all safety requirements and are approved.

/ 1978

Foundation of Fare Collection Systems

The German Federal Railways decides to rationalize ticket sales. The project offers Scheidt & Bachmann the ideal starting point for utilizing synergies with the other business units. Without further ado, a coin processing system is developed, which earns the company its first ever European patent. It does not take long for the railroads to accept the bid and the fourth business unit is founded: Fare Collection Systems.

/ 1995

Establishment of first subsidiaries abroad

In 1995, the foundation stone is laid for the establishment of the Slovakian company Dopravné systémy Scheidt & Bachmann s.r.o., which is later renamed Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko s.r.o. In the same year, Scheidt & Bachmann USA Inc. in Burlington, Massachusetts, also starts its operations. The two companies are Scheidt & Bachmann's first two international locations.

/ 2017

Cloud solutions as the next technological leap

Faster data lines make cloud-based systems feasible. They offer maximum performance with a simple system architecture, as system-relevant data can be processed centrally. Flexible and particularly economical systems are the result. Managed services are also evolving as a result of cloud technology. They are becoming standardized system platforms that are used across the board and still offer tailored functionalities.

/ 2022

This is who we are today

Many generations of hardworking hands and imaginative minds have made it possible for Scheidt & Bachmann to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2022. The company looks back with pride on its history and at the same time looks confidently towards the future. The 150th anniversary is an impressive milestone that will be celebrated together, across countries and generations.

/ 20XX

A look into the future

Scheidt & Bachmann is taking its product functions to the cloud: ID-based ticketing, entervo.connect and BOS3.0 are just the beginning. The topic of IoT (Internet of Things) is also moving more and more into focus. Scheidt & Bachmann builds self-configuring IoT devices – a revolution in the production sector. Scheidt & Bachmann products provide effective solutions: easier usability of public transport through Be-in/Be-out systems or modern interlocking technology via ETCS (European Train Control) are just a few examples of what will be possible in the future.

Values & Goals

Moving forward together with hand & heart

We see ourselves as a corporate community that is characterized by common values in all national and international companies and that lives them together.

Learn more about our values

Our values

  • Respect
  • Trust and Personal responsibility
  • Team spirit and Passion
  • Reliability
  • Social responsibility



With highly efficient suppliers and the right procurement strategy we create the basis for mutual success.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

In an increasingly networked world, hosted systems are becoming more and more important. Find out more about our diverse offerings.

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In the context of global markets and under the influence of rapid development in the areas of digitalization and mobility, production is our key to success.

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Our systems for intelligent mobility are used by millions of people worldwide every day. This obligates us to ensure a high standard of quality at all times and on a sustained basis. 

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