Reference: Free Flow Parking at Königshof-Galerie Mettmann

The owner of Königshof-Galerie Mettmann, the ILG Group from Munich, invested around 10 million euros in the future of the shopping centre in 2019. A large part of this amount was spent on the renovation of the adjacent car park.With the opening of the new parking facility, an important section of the new centre was completed. "This is a first milestone on the way to a completely new shopping experience in the Königshof-Galerie," said a delighted Centre Manager Ulrike Kundt-Abend.

Above all, the new car park technology, implemented by Scheidt & Bachmann, is also a milestone: the ticketless and barrierless parking system records the number plates of the vehicles entering and leaving the car park, and the data is stored until payment is made. "Ticketless and barrierless parking is a smart solution that offers maximum parking convenience," explains Sina Nuoffer, Regional Manager North of Parken & Management GmbH, which operates the car park. "From many years of cooperation, we know and appreciate Scheidt & Bachmann as a reliable and innovative partner," says Nuoffer.

Scheidt & Bachmann FreeFlow Mettmann

Solution modules in detail

The innovative "Free Flow" system from Scheidt & Bachmann is used at the Königshof-Galerie, which captures licence plates using an HD camera and transmits them to the entervo parking management system. The payment app is also connected to this system, so that parking fees can also be paid digitally while on the move. Thanks to an efficient capacity control of the parking management system, the entry barrier also closes when the car park is occupied. This avoids unnecessary search traffic.

The parking fee can now be paid conveniently via the free "Kassenautomat App" (international: pay). PayPal and credit cards are available as means of payment. Alternatively, the parking fee can be paid by credit or EC card and in cash via several pay stations. Parking guests have up to 48 hours after leaving the car park to pay the parking fee via the app or at the machine.

"In cooperation with retailers, we also offer parking discounts: REWE customers can park for 90 minutes free of charge from a purchase value of €10.00, Medimax customers can look forward to a credit of 60 minutes from a purchase value of €15.00," explains Nuoffer. In return, the customers receive a discount card with a QR or barcode to have their free parking time counted towards the parking time before exiting the car park.

Reference: Free Flow Parking at ICE station in Montabaur

Ticketless Parking in Montabaur – Intro

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Ticketless Parking in Montabaur – Short-term parking

Scheidt & Bachmann has acquired license rights of the following title and will provide information upon request: “Driven to Success“ by Scott Holmes “Hopeful Journey” by Scott Holmes

Ticketless Parking in Montabaur – Special parking permit

Scheidt & Bachmann has acquired license rights of the following title and will provide information upon request: „Driven to Success“ by Scott Holmes Nutzungsrechte Titel ‚New Town‘: Gemafreie Musik von

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