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LED Universal Matrix Indicator – All-Purpose Indicator

Different signal aspects are displayed by special- or additional signals there are e.g. speed indicator with displaying of numbers or signal with special signs like line changing or signal repeater of Austrian ÖBB. In the past there was used a special wired hardware which could only display the aspect which are available on optically as well as circuit technology base. Herewith there were a lot of signal variants necessary for supporting all necessary cases.

To reduce this variety of signals and to optimise the maintenance in an economical way Scheidt & Bachmann developed universal matrix indicator. The matrix displayer is a 10 x 14 LED light point matrix which is safely actuated and monitored in signalling respects by a safe processor whereby each of the 140 LEDs can be switched on and off in a freely programmable manner. In this way each character able to be represented in the matrix can be defined, actuated and monitored per software configuration with one matrix displayer.

The LED-Universal Matrix Indicator is controlled and supervised in the same way like LED-Signal.

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