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Cloud solutions

Modern information technology is present in many areas of our everyday life, constantly changing people's communication needs and behaviours. When buying a mobile device, a smartphone or even a tablet, we take it as read that we will be able to operate the device. We automatically expect that we can simply switch it on and use the features and programmes right away.

That is exactly the approach adopted by Scheidt & Bachmann with its entervo.cloud* for the parking industry. The entervo Parking Management Solution is hosted in a completely new dimension as a highly-available and location-independent browser accessed service. Your car park facilities are connected to the cloud server architecture via a secure and state of the art internet connection.

Benefits at a glance:

  • high availability
  • location independence
  • increased efficiency thanks to professional software maintenance including automatic backups
  • entervo mobileKPI

*entervo.cloud is available for specific countries in Europe and North America 


The check-out-app makes life easier for car park users: It means they no longer have to queue up to pay at the automatic pay station when leaving, as the ticket can simply be scanned using a smartphone and then paid for via PayPal or by entering a credit card number.

The check-out-app also makes parking more transparent for the customer. The built-in transaction history provides an overview of all parking activities; parking duration and payment receipts, including the VAT portion, are fully documented.

The check-out-app thus simplifies the parking process and can be provided with branding specific to the particular car park operator in order to promote customer loyalty with the end user too.

Instead of encoding the validation on a ticket with a second barcode, the discount amount is stored online. This allows to add multiple validations onto one ticket if demanded. The process is streamlined as fewer parts which require maintenance are involved. This online validation procedure can save material and operational costs on an annual basis. In addition it eliminates validation, theft, loss and fraud as it is more tracking and accountability secured.

Online Validation Process 

  1. Customer receives standard short term parker barcode ticket.
  2. Customer goes shopping in a variety of different shops.
  3. Customer scans his parking ticket at an online validation station and receives a discount.
  4. The device displays the final amount which has to be paid at a paystation.
  5. Customer pays at pay station the final amount.
  6. Customer leaves car park.



The search has come to an end!

Pre-booking of parking spaces in city centers, at airports, stations, for regional events or cruise ship terminals is now possible with the Scheidt & Bachmann Pre-booking system.

Due to the rate variations it is possible to stay flexible when it comes to seasonal events or fluctuating capacity. Promotions can be used for customer bonding.

A brand new Web-frontend with established reservation system completes the Pre-booking system.

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