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The entervo Parking Management Solution has integrated web capability. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) requires only a Java runtime environment and can subsequently be used on any owner or vendor provided workstation within the local area network or via the internet.

In addition, integrating the entervo Parking Management Solution into existing IT infrastructures becomes a more practical and straightforward consideration. The use of license-free operating systems for workstations, such as Linux, can save additional costs.

Multi-User Capability

The multi-user concept grants several browser clients simultaneous access to the server. Licensing of entervo clients is based on the concurrent user model. With this licensing model the number of “browser-based” workstations can far exceed the number of licenses, which allows a large number of staff members to access the system (e.g. Control Room agents, Operations Managers, Accounting Department).

Multi-Application Capability

Each workstation's browser can be started several times. This gives the system operator the ability to have different applications running in each browser window in parallel.

Universal Interfaces

entervo offers a wide variety of Universal Interfaces (UI) for 3rd party software applications. Most of the interface components in entervo use web technology, typically light-weight web services with an underlying request/response methodology. This has been proven to be the best approach for the integration of systems from different vendors, which have different software architectures. Our UI architecture allows you to keep using your existing software whilst at the same time benefitting from entervo features in a seamlessly integrated IT environment.

entervo’s Device Control Universal Interface is the perfect operational tool for the seamless integration of our Parking Management devices into an existing equipment control infrastructure, e.g. a facility management system or 3rd party control room application. The interface description enables you to develop a connector between the entervo UI and the 3rd party software in use. Depending on your operational demands and requirements, our Device Control UI can provide you with almost the same functionality as the actual Device Control module within the entervo software. In particular, specific web applications can be set up to be used by your mobile operations team, where the operator on duty can respond in a flexible manner and take control of the parking equipment, even if the control room is not staffed (e.g. during slow night hours).

The Device Control UI provides the following key features:

  • perform device control commands (e.g. open barrier, put device out of service etc.)
  • request and receive complete entervo system geometry
  • request and receive entervo event list including device status
  • request and receive status for specific devices (e.g. tickets low, receipt paper low, barrier arm off, coin / cash full etc.)

Airlines, banks, utility companies, public authorities – nearly every service provider today offers their customers self-service functions for account administration over the internet. That trend is driven partially by the service provider’s interest in reducing operational costs with customer self-service, but also by the rapid expansion of the internet and smartphones, which results in customers wishing to access and update their account information and monitor transactional data anytime and anywhere.

Scheidt & Bachmann has taken note of this market requirement and has created a Customer Administration Interface that allows you to set up a website for your customer and transfer tedious and time-consuming tasks from your back office team to the customers.

Our Customer Administration UI provides the following key features, supporting a comparable functional range to entervo Customer Administration:

  • administration of contractual partners/companies (create, update, customer self-service)
  • comprehensive administration of card holders (create, update, customer self-service)
  • solid invoicing administration and control
  • company  and card holder related parking and sales transaction queries


Parking operators expect features and options from a state of the art Parking Management Solution that go far beyond the core functionality of managing a car park. Driven by an increasingly mobile world, there is continuously growing demand for marketing features that enable co-operation between parking operators and a wide range of partners including retailers, restaurants and other businesses. With entervo’s Retail Campaign Management we provide solutions that are specifically targeted towards supporting such partnerships. Today, most POS solutions used by retailers and restaurants have the ability to print barcodes or QR codes on their receipts. These codes are commonly used by retailers to efficiently process unused goods returned by customers.

Scheidt & Bachmann uses these codes to their full potential together with the entervo Parking Management Solution which can read and process retailer receipt codes for validation purposes.

This generates a win-win situation for parking operators and retailers with special focus on:

  • generating business by attracting new customers
  • offering opportunities for marketing partnerships and cross-selling
  • allowing the integration of existing retailer infrastructures in Parking Management
  • differentiating your car park operation from other operators.

Analytics & Big Data

Decisions are made on the basis of available information. The more accurate the available information is, the higher the likelihood of a substantiated and sound management decision. Situations change continuously and data needs to be gathered or re-examined based on these new situations. It is therefore not suitable to work with static reports with a pre-defined time frame but rather to be able to define new reports with full flexibility regarding selected data, reporting periods or periodical comparisons. In particular, the ability to analyse data gathered over several years and for multiple car parks becomes a considerable advantage. In this case, the proper evaluation tool is entervo.analytics as it allows for multi-dimensional data analysis.

Benefits at a glance

  • modern business intelligence architecture with ad-hoc reporting functionality
  • high data quality and consistency via aggregation and consolidation
  • various exporting formats and formatting options
  • drag & drop and drill down functions for ease of use
  • existing templates and customisable reports on hand


License plate as a ticket.

The process is quiet easy: By entering the car park a free flow camera recognises the license plate and identifies the car. A ticket is not necessary so is a pay station.

By leaving the car park the customer can easily pay by different payment options at the exit device.

The prevention of misuse is another advantage of the ticketless parking use case.

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