First project with completely digital parking experience - the iT Campus Kaiserslautern relies on ticketless parking and apps by Scheidt & Bachmann

- Parking-Solutions

The iT-CAMPUS Kaiserslautern opted for smart parking solutions from Scheidt & Bachmann when equipping the new car park. The future management of the car park will be based on a ticketless system with license plate recognition, online validation and payment via the entervo smart pay app. This project is thus the first of its kind to forego automated pay stations and the accompanying cash handling for the operator, thus offering a completely digital parking experience for the customer.

Particular emphasis was placed on intelligent concepts for energy and park management. As can be seen on the iT-CAMPUS website, "the management opted for a digital parking guidance system which aims to promote mobility, digitalisation and innovation. The quest for a parking space will be greatly simplified in the future with the help of innovative technology, which will not only save time, but also minimise the traffic searching for a parking space". Furthermore: "On the ground floor, bicycle parking spaces as well as charging stations for e-scooters and e-bikes round off the offer. Talks are currently being held with Car-Sharing partners, and designated areas for corresponding vehicles are planned. (see

Registration for a parking space can be done on the website. Entry and exit will then take place via the license plate. Non-registered users, such as short-term parkers or visitors and patients of the neighbouring clinic, will be registered via their license plate and will be discounted for a free exit via validation. Non-authorised users will pay a corresponding tariff by entering the license plate in the entervo smart pay app.

Photo Credit: DEMANDO GmbH