MANAGE - Targeted control

MANAGE includes the planning, management and controlling solutions of SIQMA. Control your business processes around the forecourt, shop and the central systems – targeted and straightforward.

All management functions, such as wet stock, merchandise or pricing, can be used via a browser and app; no matter where or when. You determine the direction, MANAGE paves the way.

SIQMA Promote, with its various application possibilities, enables a comprehensive promotion management at your petrol stations.

SIQMA Cloud HOS - Central planning 
Via our SIQMA Cloud HOS, you plan, send and monitor the promotions at your stations. Centrally planned, promotions are distributed to the SIQMA systems at all stations.

SIQMA Cloud BOS - Decentralised planning
SIQMA Cloud BOS makes the individual planning of each station possible. In this way, all information is always up to date with minimal effort. All with just a few clicks!

Integration into merchandise management
Integrated into the merchandise management system, SIQMA Promote accesses existing information such as prices and article descriptions and therefore always remains up-to-date. This means that prices do not have to be adjusted manually when they change.

SIQMA Collect
With SIQMA Collect, you can create coupon-based promotion campaigns that can be distributed via various media outlets, e.g. newsletters, or printed directly on the receipt in connection with a purchase on site. 
The coupons can be static, i.e. all codes are the same and therefore the coupons can be redeemed several times, or they can be designed dynamically. Dynamic coupons contain a unique code that can be redeemed once at all participating petrol stations. The monitoring of the dynamic coupons is centrally located in the SIQMA Cloud HOS.

  • Flexible number of displays 
  • Control of pricing and content in one system
  • Fully automatic, always up-to-date, no lead times
  • Quantitative and qualitative advertising success control
  • Enables many different promotion types

With SIQMA BOS you have access to your sites data anytime anywhere. Cloud-based access means extreme flexibility when it comes to service station management. No matter whether you manage your sites on a laptop or a tablet PC, an internet connection is all you need. Even with our cloud-based solution, the full functionality of SIQMA BOS is available.

We provide SIQMA Cloud HOS for the central management of entire service station networks. As a SaaS („Soft-ware as a Service“) product by Scheidt & Bachmann, SIQMA Cloud HOS has great strength in its simple scalability. SIQMA Cloud HOS is very successful in both very large networks as well as in medium and small networks. The system has the following functional modules:

  • central article management for your service station network
  • central interface to shop suppliers
  • central wet stock management
  • reporting and BI
  • management of promotions and promotion content (Promotion Suite)
  • central Management, authorisation and settlement of customer cards
  • analysis and reporting on basis of OLAP cubes with more than 40 dimensions
  • handling of system alarms for the complete service station network

To help you monitor your stations at all times, SIQMA Vista offers a clearly arranged ticket dashboard that you can access conveniently via the Internet using SIQMA Access. You always have an overview of the current status of your petrol station network and current tickets. Of course, we can adapt the dashboard to your needs.