LINK - Easy link

LINK stands for the linkage and integration of all SIQMA products into a powerful entity. For you this means: more transparency, more flexibility and more reliability.

Via standardised interfaces (e.g. IFSF, API, XML), SIQMA functional modules can be easily integrated with third-party products. This enables customised solutions that are both economical as well as future-proof.

SIQMA Cloudlink is our central interface that makes all important SIQMA interfaces available. SIQMA Cloudlink provides enormous flexibility to run your service station. For example, SIQMA OPT or SIQMA Fuel & Go can be connected via SIQMA Cloudlink to third-party POS systems via IFSF EPS. Furthermore, SIQMA Cloudlink can serve as an offline EPS server, or it represents the basis for SIQMA Mobile POS.

SIQMA Courtmaster, in conjunction with SIQMA POS, controls the entire forecourt and exchanges data from dispensers, outdoor payment terminals, price signs, fuel level gauges, etc. in real time with SIQMA POS or SIQMA BOS.