• Consistency, Reliability and Expertise

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

At Scheidt & Bachmann, we attach great importance to being more than just a supplier for our customers. We see ourselves as a long-term partner with the responsibility for the success of our customer's business. We always go a step further so that you are satisfied with us and your Scheidt & Bachmann system without any exceptions.

Our philosophy for a successful partnership is:

Consistency – for generations: 
"We don't walk away!"

Reliability  long-term: 
"We keep promises!"

Expertise – in the company: 
"Flexibility and quick reaction times!" 

A philosophy for the long term, helping us to be the right partner for your projects over a long period.

Your aims are our strengths:

  • a reliable, conveniently operated system; adapted to your individual requirements and the local conditions
  • a modern system using the latest state-of-the-art technology, which maintains full efficiency with future-orientated planning and long-term support
  • flexibility and quick reaction times, keeping your business fully operational
  • we make it our business to offer you services that are tailored to your needs –including comprehensive service plans
  • long-term availability of replacement parts
  • a project that can be completed within the specified time and costing arrangements
  • experienced project managers who have already excelled in similar projects
  • the full commitment of all employees involved with your project; from those responsible for the project through to local service employees
  • a long-term partnership that goes far beyond the project period
  • and last but not least – satisfied customers