FareGo 360 - The right information, to the right people, at the right time

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    FareGo 360 provides transport operators with a 360° view of the entire fare collection operation, giving tailored access and functionality to each and every employee based on their role and responsibilities.

    It’s not always easy making decisions for a modern, efficient and sustainable transport system. But with access to data, showing historical trends and real-time information at any time, they can make precise and informed decisions, for day to day trouble shooting and for better future planning. With FareGo 360, transport operators can achieve ultimate fare collection efficiency!

    It proactively shares information, including alerts and reminders, anticipating issues and opportunities based on the data in the system and beyond. It automates recurring tasks, spots irregularities and makes intelligent predictions. FareGo 360 is instantly accessible anytime, anywhere. Tailored functionality aligned with each individual’s job requirements simplifies daily tasks and streamlines processes.

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