Reference: Ticketless Parking at Dreicubenhaus Düsseldorf

The parking operator PARK ONE and the parking system manufacturer Scheidt & Bachmann have turned convenient parking into reality in the car park Dreicubenhaus in Düsseldorf. In May 2018, Germany's first purely license plate-based parking system went into operation.

With entervo.ticketless parking, PARK ONE opted for a future-oriented overall package that also offers a high level of investment security thanks to the open system architecture of the parking management system. Entering and exiting the car park, payment at the machine or with the app, validation via smartphone and access to the building - it all works via the car's license plate.

Benefits for the car park operator

The license plate becomes the only parking medium. The customer drives up, the license plate is captured by a camera, the barrier opens automatically and the customer drives to a free parking spot. For the operator, the investment and maintenance costs for the usually required control devices at the entrances and exits are eliminated. The costs of purchasing, refilling and disposing of paper tickets are also history. Service costs for control devices are no longer an issue. At the same time, the administrative effort for creating and issuing long-term parking permits is drastically reduced. The license plate is now a virtual ticket.

Customer convenience

The license plate number captured by the camera at the entrance is stored in the parking management system together with tariff-relevant information such as entry time and entry lane. PARK ONE customers not only enjoy convenient parking, but also an innovative and comfortable payment option: in line with the times, payment can also be made using the Kassenautomat app (international: pay app). The customer simply enters the license plate number in the app and pays for the parking time using the chosen payment option. In addition, customers still have access to a pay station. Here, payment can be made with coins, banknotes, credit and debit cards. Instead of inserting a parking ticket, the customer enters his/her car registration number at the display. The information "Parking time has been paid" is forwarded to the parking management system after payment via app or pay station together with the license plate number. The customer is granted clearance at the exit.

How have drivers accepted the new system? "So far, all customers have been enthusiastic and find it convenient not to have to "manoeuvre" with the car to get to the control unit for the parking ticket. The system works smoothly. We were able to dispel any concerns about data protection, because the number plates are deleted again after the exit. With online validation, we offer our partners an attractive solution to validate parking simply via an app and with an existing smartphone," says Andreas Mahnert-Lueg, managing director of the PARK ONE operating company. "The beaming faces of our customers at the exits when the barrier opens quickly and smoothly without their action is for us an appreciative proof that with this solution we meet the demands of our customers and have arrived in the future."

entervo.ticketless parking – App payment

entervo.ticketless parking – Cash payment

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