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Nous nous considérons comme un groupe d'entreprises caractérisé par des valeurs qui sont partagées par toutes nos entreprises nationales et internationales et qui sont mises en pratique sur une base commune.

Dans toutes nos activités, nous gardons toujours à l'esprit les valeurs de notre entreprise. Elles constituent une orientation essentielle pour notre travail quotidien et la manière dont nous traitons nos employés, collègues, clients, fournisseurs et partenaires commerciaux. 

/ Respect

As a family business with a long tradition, we also take social concerns into account in our decisions.

Our goal is to reconcile the needs of our company with the interests of our employees in the best possible way.

We are committed to performing our tasks in an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving manner.

/ Trust and Personal Responsibility

Mutual trust is the basis of successful cooperation. We trust in the personality, competence and potential of our employees and colleagues and we are prepared to assign and assume responsibility.

Our philosophy is to act as a role model. We set an example of the individual responsibility that we expect from our employees and colleagues. We reflect on our behaviour, develop our social and professional
skills on an ongoing basis and face up to change in an open-minded and flexible manner. We share our knowledge and offer support where it is needed.

We seek to continuously improve and develop. For this reason, we create space for improvement suggestions, new ideas and innovations.

We aspire to avoid mistakes. When mistakes occur, we deal with them in a trusting, open and constructive manner and we consider mistakes as an opportunity to learn. We focus on solutions and lasting learning

/ Team Spirit and Passion

We see ourselves as a team and strive for joint cross-company success. We actively support each other by offering help.

Joint success is always more important than personal advantage. We define realistic goals and celebrate our success.

We work towards achieving our common goals with enthusiasm and commitment.

/ Reliability

We do what we say we will do. We make realistic and true statements. We stand by our word and keep our promises. This applies both internally and externally. We can rely on each other. Our business partners can rely on us.

If, in individual cases, promises cannot be kept or implemented, we actively provide information about the reasons and offer alternatives and solutions at an early stage.

/ Social Responsibility

As a family business with a long tradition, we take social concerns into account when making our decisions.

It is our aim to ensure the needs of our company are aligned with the interests of our employees in the best possible way.

We are committed to perform our tasks preserving the environment and saving resources.

Nos objectifs

Depuis sa fondation en 1872, l'objectif déclaré des familles propriétaires est et reste de gérer et de maintenir Scheidt & Bachmann comme une entreprise familiale.
Pour y parvenir, une croissance rentable par le biais d'une gestion durable et notre volonté constante d'adapter l'entreprise et nous-mêmes aux conditions changeantes constituent une base importante.

Scheidt & Bachmann poursuit une stratégie à long terme avec les objectifs suivants :

/ Employee satisfaction

The knowledge and skills of our employees are the true capital of the company.

Motivation and identification of our employees with the company goals and values are therefore important prerequisites for our mutual success.

/ Customer orientation

In all our operations, we focus our awareness on the fact that our customers pay our salaries.

The economically reasonable service of customer requirements is our foundation.

In this spirit, every employee acts customer-oriented, internally and externally.

/ Innovation

Technical innovation has been a tradition since the company was founded.

We will continually invest in innovative products and solutions and constantly develop and maintain our technological lead in competition.

The constant questioning of our own products and the agile adaptation of our business models is our answer to emerging disruptive changes.

/ Internationality

“Think globally, act locally”. Local presence and understanding of country-specific needs and the acceptance of cultural differences are the key to international growth.

This also includes international interaction within the global Scheidt & Bachmann Group.

/ Economic independence

We want to be able to determine the course and strategy of the company ourselves at all times.

For this we need independence from external parties, individual orders and financiers.

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