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    Simplify your transit service. FareGo Open Payment offers the most streamline passenger experience.

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    Fast-forward into the future: Excite your passengers in just three months from now with contactless ticketing & payment.

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    FareGo Open Payment is scalable and adaptable. Start with a small pilot. Plan for a whole network. Make it work for you and move on.

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    Transport in 2020

    New Work, Smart Home, Seamless Mobility - we are increasingly feeling the many dimensions and major transformations of digital change in the mobility industry. New technologies create the foundation for rethinking mobility - with the passengers and their individual needs in focus, interconnected and data-based. 

    Change through innovation.

    Scheidt & Bachmann has helped its customers through periods of change in the past with innovation and great quality products. Also in this pandemic, we are ...


    Tap into our insights

    • Pilot. Subsystem. Full rollout.

      Our out of the box FareGo Open Payment solution can be implemented within three months. It is based on a scalable and modular system architecture that fully supports a phased introduction.

      • Start with a pilot: focuses on a specific passenger group to gain experience with the new technology and its adoption
      • Expand: introduce a subsystem for additional passengers
      • Full rollout: let the system evolve according to changing requirements and increasing expectations


    • Buy the function. Not the device.

      With functionality as a service, we are the owner of the validation devices and make sure that it is always up to date. You simply buy the functionality of the devices for a small monthly fee.

      • You charge the function - we provide the validation device
      • Small upfront cost, with a monthly fee per device and a fee per tap
      • Stable and predictable costs


    • Essential Elements.

      You just need:

      • access/validation points 
      • mobile validation terminals for inspection, 

      FareGo Suite enables the inspection terminal to accept, process and verify the taps!  It’s based on an open interface layer. Thanks to the open interface layer of FareGo Suite it is possible to link our solution to any existing third part system.  In our flyer you can read more about the open interface Layer.

      Device Management
      FareGo Data CS is used to manage your entire field device fleet including all elements. It collects and archives all event messages from the field devices and enables you to monitor the ticketing network. 


    • Data Flow.

      • Tap is sent to the FareGo Suite back office
      • FareGo Suite creates an account to store the card’s identification data
      • A card verification request is sent to the Payment Service Provider
      • If the result is negative the card is automatically placed on the deny list
      • For each tap FareGo Suite performs a journey construction and calculates the tariff applicable to the journey


    • Passenger experience.

      Travelling with FareGo Open Payment is a game changer. It provides an unknown ease of use and overcomes typical obstacles that often prevent people from using transit services. 

      An incredibly unspectacular user experience

      With FareGo Open Payment, however, anyone with a cEMV media (be it a contactless debit or credit card or mobile payment option) is immediately ready to take the bus or train. The only thing they need to do is their cEMV media at a reader when they start and end their journey.

      Tap and go 

      With FareGo Open Payment passengers don’t need to register upfront, they don’t need to queue for a proprietary ticket media and they don’t have to bother with the right tariff. They just tap their personal cEMV media and off they go. And at the end of the day they receive just one aggregated payment request.
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