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    Travis – Control Technology for Local Public Transport

    Intelligent operations control for Metro, Rapid Transit and Light Rail systems

    Public transportation companies are currently faced with the challenge of coping with already increasing passenger volumes and at the same time creating further incentives for more people to use public transport by offering attractive services and co-ordinated timetables.  Up-to-date passenger information, improved passenger safety, better train tracking and automated control of technical installations are only a few of the factors which play an important role in the success of transport companies. The Travis control system platform for metro, rapid transit and light rail by Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH ensures efficient and reliable control of railway operations and the best possible information.    

    The control system TravisMetro collects information from the terminal devices at all stations and forwards it to the control level. The systems connected to the control level include escalators, lifts, lighting installations and ticket vending machines as well as systems for dynamic passenger information and safety such as train destination displays, public address systems for announcements and music, emergency call points and CCTV devices. The system analyses and filters out all relevant information using a sophisticated event-controlled central installations monitoring system. Any malfunctions can be eliminated automatically or manually. The automation of standard procedures significantly reduces the burden on operations personnel who can concentrate on resolving conflicts and optimising operations. 

    Travis enables transportation companies to improve their services significantly and ensures safe and punctual train operations. In addition, Travis provides functions for processing passenger information which can contribute to further optimisation of transport services.      

    Example: Hamburger Hochbahn

    With 600,000 passengers every day, Hamburg Underground is one of the most efficient public transport systems in Europe. For this company, Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH developed the SBS operations control and monitoring system on the basis of the Travis platform. SBS bundles all the functions for operations supervision and customer service in one fully networked multi-functional operations control system, enabling monitoring and control not only of train movements, but also of technical installations in Underground stations. The system offers an advanced degree of automation, especially for facility management and train control.        


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