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    Proven products and services coupled with many years of experience with the business processes of railway and transport companies - this is the solid foundation for the outstanding performance of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH. For the company's customers it results in cost-effective solutions for all areas of railway operations.

    The electronic interlocking system type ZSB 2000 and the electronic level crossing system type BUES 2000 form flexible and cost optimised platforms of signalling technology.

    All the ZSB 2000 and BUES 2000 systems are realised on a uniform standard hardware platform. The individual field elements like signals, axle counters, etc. are monitored and controlled via modern, future-proof communication interfaces. All the components are brought together in an overall holistic route and operating concept for central control and monitoring.

    In the context of planning and implementing control and signalling projects Scheidt & Bachmann is at your disposal with competent and qualified employees.

    Scheidt & Bachmann's control system platform Travis was designed for cost-effective operations management of mainline and regional railways, metro, rapid transit, light rail and industrial railways. With Travis, all monitoring and controlling tasks are centralised, thus ensuring automated and optimal operation of rail traffic.

    The operations and interlocking simulation BEST offers outstanding opportunities for staff training in control centres and interlockings. The BEST simulation system is also used in the planning and specification procedures for new control and safety technology.

    In long-distance and local traffic, the operations information system LeiDis FI provides comprehensive information about the current operational situation for all internal sections of transportation companies.

    In local public transport, the central data pool RIMOS enables centralised data exchange between different transport companies in the same region through the VDV-standard.

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