Hardware – Functionality in its best form

Our entervo hardware portfolio can be adapted and expanded quickly and precisely to the existing object requirements at any time. The integration of 3rd-party hardware is easily possible.

The equipment can be modified quickly and flexibly to suit the functional combinations that your individual requirements call for. Our devices have proven themselves in tens of thousands all over the world.

The control devices entervo.entry for entry lanes and entervo.exit for exit and transit lanes are characterised by their broad range of applications, simple operation, reliability and maintenance-friendly technology.

  • Dispensing short-term parking tickets (barcode or magstripe) at the entry
  • Checking Scheidt & Bachmann system cards and 3d party cards at entry and exit
  • Barrier control

Processing of other media as option QR codes, UHF tags, RFID and payment cards are gaining more and more acceptance alongside traditional control media such as paper tickets.


As option: Requesting a parking ticket by "waving" and hence without having to press a button - that is what entervo touchless offers.



The compact entervo.lane / entervo.lane XL control devices are the smart solution for applications that do not require the issue or disposal of paper tickets.

Whether for customer identification in smaller long-term parker systems or as a useful sup­plement to complex systems - entervo.lane / entervo.lane XL score as a small alternatives to the premium control devices from the entervo.entry/exit series.



The entervo.barrier gate is used for the access control of car parks. It is intended to be used in a commercial location or building such as multiple dwellings, hotel, garages, retail store or other building servicing the general public.

As option: With integrated camera for LPR / ANPR

The evaluation of parking media based on the proven barcode or magstripe technology at the automatic pay station entervo.pay is comple­mented by new media like 2D barcodes, RFID technology and license plates. Optionally, alongside the classic payment with coins, banknotes or credit cards can be accepted.

Thanks to the “Green Efficiency” technology with energy efficient hardware concepts, power consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.



With the automatic pay station entervo.pay cashless, parking fees are paid cashless by credit or debit cards without time-consum­ing management of cash stocks. 

For ticketless systems, there is a variant with a large display for entering the license plate number for determining the parking fee.

The devices validate short-term parker tickets by re-encoding. The customer has to pay a lower price for the validated ticket.

With our product entervo smart validation we offer a modern, online validation.