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    Key Takeways:

    • Account-based ticketing vs. ID-based ticketing
    • The difference between EMV vs. cEMV
    • Learn how PCI compliance & data security affect an open payment system
    • Implementation of our open payment system in only...
    • The essential elements of an account-based ticketing system

    Key Takeaways:

    • Implementation in only 3 months
    • Assembling a team for a successful launch
    • Critical steps for success
    • Implementation of Open Payment doesn’t require stopping existing system operations
    • What needs to be defined
    • The passenger experience is greatly enhanced in multiple ways

    Key Takeways:

    • Discover the special of BONNsmart
    • See the Scope of BONNsmart
    • Get more details about BONNSmart's performance and key figures
    • Learn how easy the adaption to another region or country is

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    Manfred Troll

    Sales ABT

    Support our global sales team in ABT projects and to join the global ABT market requirements into our ABT product concept

    Paul Schreier

    Strategic Projects // Assistant to the CEO

    Responsible to bring internal strategic projects into life and accompanying their execution until they are fully implemented