Wow the passengers: How Open Payment is experienced

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    Find out what makes FareGo Open Payment so special for your passengers

    Wow the passengers: How Open Payment is experienced 

    Travelling with FareGo Open Payment is a game changer, especially for infrequent passengers. It provides an unknown ease of use and overcomes typical obstacles that often prevent people from using transit services. 

    An incredibly intuitive user experience

    With FareGo Open Payment, however, anyone with a cEMV media (be it a contactless debit or credit card or mobile payment option) is immediately ready to take the bus or train. The only thing they need to do is their cEMV media at a reader when they start and end their journey.

    Tap and go 

    With FareGo Open Payment passengers don’t need to register upfront, they don’t need to queue for a proprietary ticket media and they don’t have to bother with the right tariff. They just tap their personal cEMV media and off they go. And at the end of the day they receive just one aggregated payment request.

    Always at the best fare

    The system automatically calculates the best price for the journey: If a passenger has made five trips for example, the system might charge a day ticket instead of the more expensive five single fares – without any activity or intervention of the passenger.

    Tickets please

    In case of ticket inspection the procedure is as easy as the travel itself. Passengers just tap their cEMV media at the conductor’s inspection terminal which confirms that the cEMV media has been used for tap in. 

    Journey history

    Passengers can easily keep an eye on their journeys and payments: The FareGo Open Payment smartphone app provides an overview of their trips and payments and all relevant details.