Transport in 2020

- Fare-Collection-Systems

New Work, Smart Home, Seamless Mobility - we are increasingly feeling the many dimensions and major transformations of digital change in the mobility industry. New technologies create the foundation for rethinking mobility - with the passengers and their individual needs in focus, interconnected and data-based. 

Change through innovation.

Scheidt & Bachmann has helped its customers through periods of change in the past with innovation and great quality products. Also in this pandemic, we are at your side as a competent and reliable partner. 
The challenges faced by public transport operators and their suppliers since the beginning of the pandemic are significant. Passenger confidence must be rebuilt, the industry must react to societal change and the way that our cities will work in future. The truth is of course that these pressures were emerging before the pandemic, but Covid 19 has accelerated them.

We want to help you to move people. Safely.

One of the greatest needs of passengers in the current times is safety. Safety that we offer with our innovative FareGo Open Payment approach, that makes contactless payment in public transport possible. Break down barriers to use public transport and thus bring back your frequent passengers.

We want your costumers to enjoy the ride.

Passengers benefit from a convenient and stress-free use of public transport - no need to purchase a ticket in advance. The automatic best price calculation ensures the best travel experience for the customer - no need to deal with complicated tariffs. Attract non frequent users with this pleasant way of travelling. Tap in and travel. It's as simple as that.

Not only safe for you. Safe for our environment.

Cashless and paperless payment is not only safe and convenient, but also environmentally friendly. By dispensing with paper tickets, we are conserving the valuable resources of our environment. Corporate Social Responsibility concerns us all.

These are testing times. Our experience, heritage and local team focus means we're perfectly positioned to take you on that journey with a mix of the best ticketing system available right now and a flexible, realistic approach to the implementation of the best technology of the future.

I look forward to being at your side on this journey.

Your Manfred Troll