FareGo Sales

FareGo Sales – a complete set of reliable, easy to use field devices for ticket sales. They can be used with traditional and ID-based systems, for assisted or self-service ticket sales on board vehicles or in-station. Their user-friendly user interface and full range of functions give great customer satisfaction.

  • Stationary ticket vending machines
  • Mobile ticket vending machines
  • Fareboxes
  • POS systems

FareGo Val

FareGo Val - powerful handheld validators for contactless ticketing and mobile payment. Multifunctional devices that can be used with traditional systems, as well as ID-based systems and in open loop mass transit environments. They support a wide range of payment options including contactless NFC media; smart card schemes (such as VDV-KA, Calypso or ITSO); QR and barcodes; and contactless bank cards.

  • Mobile validators
  • Stationary validators
  • Inspection terminals

FareGo Gates

FareGo Gates - robust faregates with intelligent sensor technology for smooth controlled access to closed metro and light rail systems within traditional and ID-based systems. Compatible with all common contactless and contact-based ticketing and payment media.

  • Faregates with swing doors
  • Faregates with sliding doors
  • Faregates in short version
  • Faregates with wide passages

FareGo Data

FareGo Data - comprehensive device management and control of ticketing devices. From master data management and reporting to tariff maintenance, monitoring and remote access to devices. Numerous automation functions support efficient device management and data evaluation.

  • Device management system
  • Additional module Archive+
  • Additional module Monitor+
  • Additional module Paper+
  • Additional module Transfer+
  • Additional module Tariff+