FareGo Sales

The supported payment options include coins and banknotes as well as contact and contactless Debit/Credit cards. FareGo Sales processes smartcards and barcode tickets. It also issues paper tickets. Of course, eTicketing modules can be used to enable ID-based ticketing.


  • FareGo Sales ST|22
  • FareGo Sales ST|50
  • FareGo Sales ST|71
  • FareGo Sales OT|50

FareGo Val

Its multifunctional reader platform supports various smart card schemes as Calypso or ITSO and contactless bank cards (EMV). The variable barcode scanner allows simultaneous processing of barcode tickets e. g. within mobile ticketing portfolio on smartphones.


  • FareGo Val OV|41 
  • FareGo Val SV |51 

FareGo Gates

The ticketing unit of FareGo Gates has been optimised for high processing speed and user-friendliness allowing a high passenger flow rate.
It supports all common ticketing options like smard cards, eTicketing, barcodes and magnetic tickets.


  • FareGo Gate PG|20
  • FareGo Gate PG|40
  • FareGo Gate SG|40

FareGo Data