FareGo Open Payment

Contactless Fare Payment on the Go

With FareGo Open Payment, transport operators are able to expand their service offering and provide their passengers with an additional option for fare payment - contactless and “Pay as you go”, using their personal bank card or payment app, without having to select a ticket before the journey and without registration.

FareGo Open Payment is available as part of the FareGo Suite, the account-based ticketing system (ABT) from Scheidt & Bachmann. Alternatively, FareGo Open Payment can also be implemented as an extension of an existing fare management system – regardless of the manufacturer.


Turn passengers into fans

Simplify your transit service. FareGo Open Payment offers the most streamline passenger experience.


Accelerate your journey

Fast-forward into the future: Excite your passengers in just three months from now with contactless ticketing & payment.


Start small.
Think big.

​FareGo Open Payment is scalable and adaptable. Start with a small pilot. Plan for a whole network. Make it work for you and move on.


Here's how easily it works

Passengers using the FareGo Open Payment feature check in and out each time they ride, to register their journey: when they board the bus or train, they present their contactless bank card or mobile payment app to a validator (check-in), and when they get off, they present their card or app to the validator again (check-out).

The system uses this information to construct the journey and automatically calculates the valid fare. Thanks to the best-price calculation, the passenger always pays the lowest price, which is then deducted directly from the credit card account.

System elements

  • FareGo Suite, account-based ticketing technology
  • Validators and faregates in buses and trains or at stations
  • Handheld Terminal for fare inspection of open-loop payment media
  • Services: payment processing, hosting, software services, device maintenance

Pay as you go, open-loop mass transit & cEMV

With FareGo Open Payment, ticketing and payment become one. A classic ticket medium is no longer required for public transport. Instead, open-loop payment media such as bank cards or payment apps are used, and carried by the passenger, not issued by the transport company. Payments are made directly during the journey – pay as you go (PAYG).

The standard that enables the use of contactless payment media on public transport is called Mass Transit. It is defined by the credit card industry. The contactless open-loop payment media are also called cEMV media, according to the credit card industry’s security standard (contactless EMV).