FareGo 360 Data Management

Meet the digital assistant that takes you ahead of the game

FareGo 360 collects data from across the transport system, processes it, and prepares it for each individual user, enabling them to:


Take positive action

  • Avoid unexpected disruption
  • Respond faster to incidents

Gain critical insights

  • Make precise and informed decisions
  • Identify hidden patterns and trends

Achieve business success

  • Optimise operations
  • Plan future requirements



The result: a smooth, efficient service to passengers, and flawless fare-collection.

The right information, to the right people, at the right time


FareGo 360 helps transport operators to achieve ultimate fare collection efficiency by providing personalised information and assistance to every member of the operational team, when and where they need it.

FareGo 360 is connected to the fare collection infrastructure and provides transport operators with a 360° view of the entire fare collection operation. It’s a digital solution that covers every aspect of the fare collection process, from every angle.

FareGo 360 proactively shares information, including alerts and reminders, anticipating issues and opportunities based on the data in the system and beyond. It automates recurring tasks, spots irregularities and makes intelligent predictions.



It’s instantly accessible anytime, anywhere, and tailored functionality aligned with each individual’s job requirements simplifies daily tasks and streamlines processes.

FareGo 360 is like the world’s best personal assistant, in digital form.

Support at all levels

FareGo 360 provides a 360° view of the entire fare collection operation, delivering critical insight and oversight individually tailored by role:


  • Operational Teams

    Support to deliver operational excellence

    • Information, alerts and work orders as push notification
    • Overview of device status at all times
    • Refill & empty prediction
    • Out of service anticipation
    • Access to devices with direct commands
    • Service request creation
  • Operational Managers

    Assistance to keep fare collection systems
    running smoothly at all times

    • Overview of live system status
    • Notifications, alerts and predictions
    • Reporting
    • Management of the operational team’s
      tasks and escalations
    • Service request management
  • Executives

    Assistance to ensure current and future business success

    • Overview of live system status
    • Reporting
    • Predictions and anticipations
    • Process management
    • Service request management
  • Revenue Protection Teams

    Support to check passengers’ tickets and travel rights

    • Current and retrospective device status
    • Verification if devices at previous stops
      were ready for sales
    • Identification if devices at upcoming
      stops are out of service
  • Case Management

    Support to manage service requests

    • Overview of services requests
    • Drill down into details
    • Add information
    • Service request creation

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