FareGo Fare Collection Solutions

Modular, powerful, holistic: FareGo provides the best fare payment solution for any transport operator

    Account-based ticketing (ABT)

    FareGo ABT delivers the best possible customer experience with individual ticketing for every passenger. With account-based ticketing, transport operators offer their customers a uniquely convenient and stress-free service. The digital and fully open fare management solution supports the integration of complex systems or entire mobility platforms.

    • Account-based ticketing technology
    • Validation methods CICO, BIBO, SISO
    • Integration of validation and vending devices
    • Hosting and managed services

    Ticketing devices

    FareGo Sales provides a complete device portfolio for ticketing, ticket validation and ticket control: traditional and digital sales channels, self-service or staff-operated. It guarantees seamless integration with the fare collection system.

    • Ticket vending machines
    • Validators
    • Point-of-sale systems (POS)
    • Faregates
    • Fareboxes

    FareGo 360 Data Management

    FareGo 360 is our powerful data management system that provides each team member with the right information at the right time. It facilitates confident decisions in critical situations and optimal alignment with future trends.  

    • Live overview of system status
    • Notifications and alerts 
    • Predictions and trends
    • Reporting


    FareGo Life offers comprehensive, customized services that enable transport operators to increase their profitability, operate efficiently and provide a reliable service to their customers. This reduces pressure and workload of operational teams who focus on their core business.

    • IT Services
    • Software Service
    • Hardware Service
    • Training