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Electronic Level Crossing System BUES 2000 - That's no one get lost FSSB 60/80

In order to make it possible to display information to all traffic participants in reliable condition and at right time, must be regognized the location of railway vehicles free-of-doubt. For this purpose can be use Scheidt & Bachmann's practice-proven, maintenance-free FSSB 60/80 vehicle sensor. This permits direction-dependent locating also with high vehicle speeds. This modern locating system is based on the design principle of "simple sensor, intelligent evaluation" and combines the advantages of simple inductive sensor loop. Induction loops in the track and a micro computer for processing the information to safety level.

  • induction loops in the form of an "8" (2 x 5 railway sleeper compartments)
  • double-oscillator subassembly (DOZBG) for activation and preparation of the signals from 2 induction loops
  • weather-resistant aluminium housing with protection against rain for the double-oscillator subassembly
  • housing for connecting to the rail for the mounting of the vehicle sensor in the track in a manner resistant to tamping machines
  • rail-flange connection clamps of stainless steel for different rail types

Application for switching on and off level crossings:

  • EBÜT 80 systems (EGL subassembly)
  • EBÜT vB systems (EGL subassembly)
  • BUES 2000 systems (IN/OUT subassembly)

General applications:

  • level crossing occupied status signal (MDC-BG)
  • approach status signal (MDC subassembly)