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Electronic Level Crossing System BUES 2000 - send a signal with SSB200L

A variety of light and other signals to provide informations to traffic participants depends on the situation at the level crossing. For example, road traffic participants must be made aware the approaching of trains with light signal with amber/red optics. For these applications the SBB200 (filament bulb version) and the SSB200L light signal (LED version) were developed.

Due to the transferring of control tasks direct to the field element, the BUES 2000 permits the use of processor-controlled LED signalling devices which function with their own intelligence and communicate with the BUES 2000 per data telegram via the CAN bus (Controller Area Network). The design of the LED signalling device provides the actuation of a number of LED chains without reflectors whereby the LEDs of one chain are distributed over the complete surface of the optical system. As a result the breakdown of one chain only reduces the illumination level of the signal by an insignificant extent. The advantages provided by such a LED light signal compared with conventional signalling with bulbs lie in the significantly longer lifetime, the reduction in maintenance effort, the simpler structure, the increase in the angle of the emitted beam and the higher lighting efficiency.

Of great importance is the fact that the optical signal can be clearly recognised under all conditions, e.g. also when there is a lot of incident solar radiation. A diffusion disk in combination with an anti-phantom-filter brings about a drastic reduction in the amount of phantom light. Not only the mirrored but also the reflex phantom light is considerably reduced. The special design of the optical system brings about a significant increase in the light output and thereby in the distance at which the signal can be recognised. The used bulb type depends on customer requirements (e.g. Sig1230LL --> Usability acc. to Railway requirements, incandescent bulb, two filaments, 12 Volt, 30 Watts, long life type).