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AZSB 300 – That´s no one get lost

For the realisation of safety information in direction to road traffic participants an absolutely safety detection of the train vehicle at the railway is necessary. By using BUES 2000 as modern and fully computer controlled level crossing system are the outsourcing of safety controlling tasks, directly located at field element, possible. By using of this possibility and based on the existing axle counter of interlocking system ZSB 2000 could be enlarged the using tarin detection variants with axle counter for BUES 2000 as well. The axle counters works on a self-intelligent base and communicates data telegram via CAN-Bus (Controller-Area-Network) with BUES 2000. The activation and deactivation is equipped in "Software" of BUES 2000 logic and will be not as separate hardware unit (axle counter computer) as BUES 2000 field element available. Based on the safety philosophy (ÜS=Signal protected; Fü=fully automatic controlled without any connection to train driver) axle counters are necessary in special by using of iron sleepers. Signal protected (ÜS) level crossing systems are equipped for each activation point with one axle sensor. Systems with Fü safety characteristic are equipped with two axle sensors for activation point (redundant). The deactivation are realised with one axle sensor before and one after level crossing section. By leaving both deactivation points of level crossing section the opposite activation detection point will automatically observe and correct counting differences. Each axle sensor is evaluated by safety computer of ASA-Subassembly. ASA-Subassembly transfer telegram via element bus (EBUS) to safety main level of BUES 2000 with information about detected train axles number and direction of train. That means real activation and deactivation are carry out in the safety main level of BUES 2000. The axle counter AZSB 300 is maintenance free. 

The axle sensor consists of 2 small inductive loops which are integrated in a compact housing which can be fastened to the rail and which by reason of their longitudinal extension is evaluated in an axle-sensitive manner. The axle sensor is identical with that used in the ZSB 2000 interlocking system.

The axle sensor evaluation subassembly evaluates the axle sensor and transmits each axle that is recorded together with its direction of movement via the CAN bus that is connected to it. The counting of the axles is carried out in the BUES 2000 control level. This subassembly is identical with that used in the ZSB 2000 interlocking system.

  • using for activation/deactivation of level crossing systems
  • BUES 2000 system (CIF-Subassembly)