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Electronic Interlocking System ZSB 2000 with LED Signals

Railway signals like combination signals, main signals, advance signals or shunt signals are realised with LED light points in 200mm or 80mm dimension. Visualisation with LED stand for high availability and economic efficiency of the interlocking ZSB 2000. Each light point equipped with its own processor for controlling and supervision and digital communicate via signal bus to control logic. The essential signal aspects are transferred from interlocking level to light controlling and converted in the individual light point and transferred to further light points. In case of disconnection to interlocking level the system will fall in a corresponding fallback management.

Actuation of the signals are controlled via a safe electronic subassembly, called LSS-BG (Light-Signal-Control Subassembly), which is installed at each main signal location. This subassembly is connected to the safe interlocking level on the EBUS (element bus executed as CAN-bus) and transmitted the data for the signal aspects which are to be displayed. The LSS-BG communicates via SCAN (SignalCAN bus) with the safe processors of the individual LED light points of the main and advance signals and ? in so far as these are present ? with the auxiliary signals and universal matrix displays at the location of the specific signal. Here are the individual light points merged together in a logical signal group and will be actuated via the SCAN bus communication per telegram. It is possible to connect additionally intermittent automatic train running control magnetic (PZB-Magnete) with 500/1000/2000Hz at LSS-Subassembly or PZB-Subassembly, too.

The main signal light points are executed as a 200 mm LED optical system. The safe processor for controlling and monitoring is executed together with the optical system as a pluggable unit. The 200 mm light point consists of 64 LEDs, each having a separate lens. The LEDs are monitored and actuated in 8 chains, each of 8 LEDs.

Available for supplementary signals is an 80 mm LED optical system. This can be used, for example, for replacement, light barricade- and mini-signals. These are also actuated by a LSS-BG via the SCAN-Bus per telegram with each optical system being equipped with a safe processor for actuation and monitoring of the particular light point. The 80 mm light point consists of 32 LEDs, each having a separate lens. The LEDs are monitored and actuated in 4 chains, each of 8 LEDs.