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Electronic Interlocking System ZSB 2000 Service Concept

The question in regards of availability and maintenance has an important priority for electronic interlocking systems. The demand maintenance efforts and failure times to reduce to a minimum as well as the importance of maintenance free systems and service supporting Signalling Systems step more and more in a significantly focus.

Each interlocking system ZSB 2000 has a station computer for dispatching and diagnosis tasks. The station computers are linked with the safe system on the one hand in a reaction free manner and on the other hand via a dispatching interface (DISPO). For diagnosis the CAN telegrams that have been sent on the system bus can be read and displayed with an analysis program. Connection via modem network to diagnosis centre is possible.

At station computer there is a diagnosis- and service program installed, which is responsible for data registration, data storage, data displaying, analysis, automatically alerting and data transfer in failure cases realised. Via menu can be displayed and evaluated the reported data. Diagnosis system show and save all data in real time, text in clear and in chronological time table. In addition all events of the day saved and archived for maximum one year.