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Electronic Interlocking ZSB 2000 - Operation Management Concept

The Operation management concept of the electronic interlocking ZSB 2000 is equipped with a central and with a field operation management concept (via MMUI). The field operation management concept allows the signalling operation during failures or interruption of communication between interlocking and dispatcher desk. 

For regularly operation management of a line is the system concept of electronic interlocking ZSB 2000 equipped with a central dispatcher desk. Station computers communicated via disposition- and diagnoses BUS (DISPO) with dispatcher computer. Dispatcher computer can use as central working unit for the dispatcher. This Dispatcher desk is the central eye and operation for allocated line. The safety concept is valid for communication between interlocking located on site and dispatcher desk as well as for the operation and displaying based on secure display proceeding procedure. Operation and displaying depends on customer requirements (e.g. Operation and displaying concept DB AG for Electronic Interlocking ? Regional and Integrated Electronic Control Centre (IECC) or according to Unit operation displaying of Austrian Railways ÖBB EBO 2).

At dispatcher desk are following display variants possible:

  • description of line (general overview picture with all stations)
  • description of station (detail loupe of station)

The display can distribute to a few monitors (depends on project e.g. 8 displays) so that general overview and each station loupe could be active at the same time. The station loupes are generated automatically in the way that all necessary information of stations is being reloaded. Means each station loupe is transferred to the dispatcher desk. Under these conditions only the individual station loupe in the dispatcher area is projected. The adjustment of loupes are realised automatically with each changing in station computer of electronic interlocking.

If requested an adjustment can also being realised by the dispatcher desk. The dispatcher can operate route activities, individual operator action requests, safety-related operations and via different proceedings like display-, entering-, or command request secured displayed and operated. Diagnoses information could be displayed, too. For the realisation of automatically operation it is possible to equip ZSB 2000 line with a disposition system. This not safety unit is connected at the same level like dispatcher desk area.    

With available disposition a participation of the dispatcher during regular operation is usually not necessary. Herewith the automatically traction of stations is realised. The necessary activated routes will be activated punctually and automatically. For the realisation of these tasks is the ZSB 2000 distributed in two parts:

  • track securing realises the tasks of an interlocking - that means the securing of activated routes in stations and of course at line
  • route setting equipment realises disposition tasks like travel direction tracking

Chose will be the change of direction of travel by route timetable, which compromises automatically settings against deposit route timetable. 

All ZSB 2000 systems at station areas are uncoupled between the safety level and the disposition- and diagnoses computer. The station computer allowes the operation and displaying of on site system for service and maintenance purposes. Operations for operable staff could be supported by a field operation management unit (MMUI). With this unit by-pass activities are possible, but for such kind of activities the authority of dispatcher is absolutely necessary. With MMUI signalling operations during interruptions or communication failures between interlocking and dispatcher desk are always possible.

Here a HST subassembly (Man Manual User Interface Subassembly) is used, this is also connected to the EBUS (element bus as CAN bus). The use of key buttons and operating on the dispatching and diagnosis system are also possible.