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Train detection via axle counter AZSB 300

The axle counter Scheidt & Bachmann is responsible for the train detection of Interlocking System ZSB 2000. Axle counting is an integral component of the ZSB 2000 logic. Axle counting is not formed as a separate functional unit but as "software". Accordingly the sensor system needed for capturing the axles only provide the information "axle and direction" to the ZSB 2000 interlocking level. The evaluation of the "axle" information is carried out safely in the interlocking level with the formation of appropriate sections. The transmission of the information between sensor and interlocking is carried out with the aid of EBUS, executed as CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network bus).

The axle sensor consists of 2 small induction loops which are integrated in a compact housing, which is screwed to the rail, and which is evaluated in an axle-sensitive manner on the basis of their longitudinal extension. The axle sensor is identical in terms of construction with that in the level crossing system BUES 2000.

The axle sensor evaluation subassembly evaluates the data from axle sensor and transmits each axle that is captured from train together with the related direction via the CAN bus. The counting of the axles is carried out in the ZSB interlocking level. This subassembly is identical in terms of construction with that in the level crossing system BUES 2000.