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New command and control system successfully put into operation at the Regiobahn

- Signalling-Systems

The Regiobahn operates two lines with a total length of 25 km. The west part from Kaarster See to Neuss and the east part from Düsseldorf-Gerresheim through the Neandertal and Mettmann to Wuppertal-Vohwinkel.

Both lines had to be equipped with new interlocking systems and a new operations control system.

The level crossings were already provided by us, we added our interlocking system ZSB 2000 and the operations control system from Scheidt & Bachmann Systemtechnik in Kiel-Melsdorf.

In the operations control system area, we have taken over the entire platform equipment from cameras, emergency call pillars, passenger indicators to the connection of elevator controls. Central administration and control are as well included. The final work will take place in the next two weeks.

Thus, the Regiobahn is now completely equipped with technology from Scheidt & Bachmann on which nearly our entire product range could be installed.

In addition to project management and execution, there were some other specific challenges:

  • New interlocking system software on our new module processor. This software forms the basis for our ongoing large-scale ETCS project in Luxembourg
  • New admission procedures
  • New hardware such as signals with cantilever or a wide variety of customizations
  • Approval and release of a new block adaptation circuit to Siemens Interlocking systems
  • An interface between the command and control system and the operations control system

With the Regiobahn, we have now won a satisfied customer who is sure to remain loyal to us for a long time. The next joint projects are already on the horizon.

Good news in tough times!

Figures for those interested:

  • 27,000m installed optical fibre cable (incl. theft damage)
  • 87.618m installed copper underground cable
  • 10 platforms/station stops
  • 10 level crossings
  • 74 signals
  • 120 axle counters
  • 26 switches
  • 98 routes
  • 117 cameras
  • 17 train destination indicators for passenger information
  • 6 connection indicators for passenger information
  • 71 loudspeakers
  • 14 emergency call pillars
  • 3 announcements for blind passengers
  • 3 adaptions of elevator controls