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Electronical Level Crossing System BUES 2000 - Just in case

Securing the flow of traffic (track and road) is a major challenge, especially at intersections, since the requirements for the safety and availability of the technical equipment are very high. Level crossing safety systems (BÜSA) are a component of railway signaling technology and are responsible for the reliable safeguarding of crossroads of road and rail traffic. Scheidt & Bachmann has been developing, planning, manufacturing and installing railway transition security systems for more than 130 years. Of course, the mechanical constructions in the past changed into today's computer-controlled systems. After older generations of level crossing systems, e.g. NFA, Lo, Fü, BÜS D and EBÜT 80, Scheidt & Bachmann developed fully computer controlled BUES 2000 and electronically field components such as:

  • road signals (lights points or flashing lights with yellow/red/white or green)
  • supervision signals
  • acoustically warning devices
  • axle counter
  • train detection loops
  • barrier drives
  • obstacle detection supervision

BUES 2000 sets new standards for railway safety. Currently there are more than 4000 BUES 2000 systems in operation and show the flexibility and competence of Scheidt & Bachmann's Signalling Systems.

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