entervo.online validation

entervo.online validation is a smart app that allows operators of a car parks near a shopping centre to connect to stores without having to outfit them with expensive hardware.

In the past, they either had to provide shop owners with prepaid tokens or an offline discounting device to reimburse their customers´parking fees.

Today mobile devices can be used for versatile demands. So it is for entervo.online validation. 

Dealers install the app on a smartphone or tablet. They can set various discounts and permissions for employees in their own portal over the internet.

Several discounts from different stores can also be gathered on one parking ticket. The shop owners can manage the systems on their own, so there is no need to invest any extra time in system upkeep.

Thanks to the integrated reporting function, both the operators and the shop owners have an overview at all times of who is giving what discounts, when and where.

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