You set the rate that your subscribers pay (if different to roll-up parkers) and the appropriate parking fees are automatically deducted from the motorists stored payment card.


Access media, such as license plate numbers, QR-codes, RFID cards can easily be added, generated, or deleted.


The SaaS solution is constantly developed further and offers investment security.

entervo smart go - a seamless customer experience

With entervo smart go, unknown short-term parkers become customers you know. Now you can exploit new sales channels for the short-term parking business. entervo smart go enables short-term parkers to easily register for ticketless parking services. Immediately after registration, users receive contactless access to all your connected car parks and pay according to the pay-as-you-go principle. You gain new data-based insights about your customers that you can use for targeted offers. With entervo smart go, you create your own customer base and add another effective cornerstone to your digitization strategy.

Digitalisation made easy!

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