Successful ServiceNow GoLive with BENELUX

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Successful GoLive with ServiceNow in our Scheidt & Bachmann BeNeLux Subsidiary! The preceding months have been extra challenging for almost everyone, globally. Unimpressed by those tough recent months, our targeted global role out of ServiceNow, country by country, becomes reality.

This week we launched the CSM and FSM Module of ServiceNow in order to deliver first class service to our customers in BeNeLux. In fact, more than 250 customers with almost 400 Car parks have been integrated. Every day a team of close to 40 people logs cases, qualifies work orders and finally dispatches tasks to the technicians.

The SAP integration with ServiceNow enables an uninterrupted process from case creation, booking material, time recording, to evaluation and finally automated invoicing via SAP.

Here is some first-hand experience:

John Gouw: Customer Service/Dispatcher

Service now offers an amazing opportunity! Everyone is putting in a lot of work and effort, with our eyes on the prize. First class service!

Imagine the potential of a field service engineer, who has continuous access to a complete customer database and an overview of the entire installed base.

Or a Supplychain officer, receiving an entire picking list, to reliably optimize efficiency. The potential is limitless.

My personal excitement is driven by the customer portal integration. The best part is, customers are already lining up to share this agile approach on customer service. The ServiceNow experience, is evidently going to pay off and support a first class service!

Patrick Lotte: Field Service Engineer

Undeniably amazing! As a field engineer I’m excited to work with our own inventory overview and the no nonsense scanning app makes life just that much easier.

Additionally ServiceNow can use my location to efficiently plan out my route throughout the day and streamline communication activities with our technical department.

I am thrilled to start working with ServiceNow, improving the quality of life on so many different levels! Truly first class!

Scheidt & Bachmann Parking Solutions is already live with ServiceNow in Spain, The United Kingdom, France, Poland, Canada and BeNeLux. Now it´s time to face the giant, Scheidt & Bachmann Parking Solutions Germany with almost 80 technicians and more than 5.000 Car Parks. We´ll keep you posted!

To everyone involved; Thanks for your dedication and commitment! Scheidt & Bachmann BeNeLux, S&B SAP, S&B IT, S&B ServiceNow Team!