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The trade fair appearance of Scheidt & Bachmann at PARKEN 2017 in Karlsruhe is fully dedicated to the topic of digital parking solutions. More than ever before, innovative digital solutions deal with the integration of parking into the mobility chain, payment methods and state-of-the-art customer management.

The highlights of our trade show appearance are our digital products, which we are presenting in an attractive and cutting-edge setting. Visitors can try out our products and solutions for themselves at our stand in a hands-on fashion. Our guests will be able to experience the “wow” and “eye-opener” effect by trying out everything.

With our entervo.check-out app we are introducing a popular mobile payment method where operators no longer have to purchase, maintain or repair expensive terminals. The app also has a great deal more to offer: The customer receives all the information about the car parks and the parking spaces available directly on his mobile device. Operators can keep their customers up to date about the current situation in their car parks for free and direct them there from their current location using the mapping function.

The entervo.check-out app also enables a transaction history which makes the entire parking process a transparent affair for the customers. All parking data is saved and can be called up with receipt and parking duration. The Check-Out App is customised to the car park operator’s preferences thereby also contributing to increasing customer loyalty. The entervo.check-out app will be integrated into the existing entervo car park management system.

Customer management can be raised to a new level with the entervo.portal. The operator can now offer parking spaces in an online portal with little administrative effort involved. Since the customers are fully in charge of managing their own account, the operator no longer has to deal with this work-intensive aspect of the business. The times of paper contracts and faxes are over – thanks to the entervo.portal, the paperless and resource saving office has become a reality. With automated electronic processes, customers can access the portal “around the clock” and can rely on a fully electronic document flow right from the first contact to the closing of the contract.

Operators can offer customers parking products in state-of-the-art fashion: Register, choose product, pay and you’re done! Since all media are administered centrally, the entry medium can be sent to customers in the form of a smartphone QR code. Customers are familiar with this system from airline travel and appreciate it greatly!

There’s a ticket shortage at the entrance? That won’t happen very often anymore. This also applies to changing modules.

With the entervo.portal customers can store their contact data. This means that previously anonymous drivers become registered customers. The benefit: The operator can communicate with them directly and offer additional products.

We are constantly developing our products: At PARKEN 2017 we are presenting our new paystation Apart from the tried-and-tested control media such as barcodes, side strips and ChipCoin, it above all supports the new smart media such as 2D barcodes or RFID tags thereby offering highly flexible payment options.

An increasing number of events is being moved to the inner cities and some parking areas are only used on certain occasions. With our Event Parking solution, the operators contribute greatly to ensuring smooth visitor arrivals and departures. For example we have developed a solution with one of our customers where parking spaces can be reserved prior to the big event in Düsseldorf, the “Grand Depart” of the Tour de France on 2 July. Apart from being able to book a parking space comfortably on the internet, visitors can drive to the event in a relaxed manner as they don’t have to go on the nerve-racking search for a place to park their car. The ticket can be printed out at home or saved on the smartphone.

Article was published in “Parken aktuell” The magazine for parking, management, conception, technique; volume 28, May 2017, issue 105

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We are presenting our digital products in an attractive setting as visualised here. Be sure to experience them for yourself at our stand. You will be thrilled!