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Normally, gate barrier systems are only noticed when they fail. To avoid this and to prevent liability problems in case of malfunctions, we at Scheidt & Bachmann rely on a mix of established solutions and advanced technologies combined with regular maintenance and certification.This already starts with the drivetrain . Our entervo.barrier systems for parking management use brushless DC motors. They are exceptionally low maintenance and energy efficient. The gate arm is made of lightweight aluminum profiles that can withstand wind loads even at longer lengths of up to six meters.

It is fastened by clamps – in the event of contact with a car, for example, the pole will simply de-tach. This prevents the barrier mechanism from being damaged and also minimizes harm to the car and annoyance to the driver. Sophisticated sensor technology ensures that the barrier stops in good time before it hits a vehicle's roof. In addition, impact forces are cushioned so that unwary pe-destrians walking in the swing area are not injured. To eliminate this risk, especially in the case of longer barrier arms, laser scanners take over control. Optionally, the boom gate  can also be equipped with a camera for license plate recognition.

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