Open Payment is a complex system? Yes, but you can implement it quickly!

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Read what our in house expert for Open Payment Manfred Troll has to say about the implementation of Open Payment

Paul Schreier: 

Manfred, everything we all got to know about Open Payment sounds great but also like a really complex system in the backend. As an agency, how quick can I get such a system up and running in my own environment?

Manfred Troll: 

First of all: you’re right, it is a complex system and I really have the feeling
that the easier it is for the passengers the more complicated the technology which has to be installed is in the background. But nevertheless, it can be installed very quickly.
You know, we as Scheidt&Bachmann have identified this system – the FareGo Suite – to be a really standardized product and when I talk about a product I mean end-to-end, from the device to the backend to the integration of a payment service provider. So we have prepared a ready-made product out of the box. This is possible, because the procedures are always the same. It doesn’t matter where on earth you want to implement this system, in the UK, in Germany or wherever – the basic thing of this system remains the same: the contactless credit card. You tap it onto a certain device, your Account-based backend calculates your journey and charges it. That’s it, no matter where. So when you ask me, how quick can an agency get this pay-as-you-go-system running I would say within three months if a few certain things are regulated before.


Wow, three months indeed is quick. You’re talking about a really standardized solution, does that mean that I would be totally boxed in into this system as an agency or are there any other possibilities?


Well, that’s really a difficult, let’s even say sensitive question somehow. We know there are quite a few suppliers out there like we are, that try to use secret protocols and so on to, let’s say, safeguard their customers. We as Scheidt&Bachmann have decided to go the complete opposite way. We say: If you implemented a system of Scheidt&Bachmann – the Open Loop Pay-as-you-go System – we open all interfaces an agency needs to link whatever device from whichever supplier to the financial system to our core backend system. So in that sense you can say an agency can use our whole FareGo Suite system but is not obligated to. But, this system is completely surrounded by a document API layer which we disclosed to interest parties. They are free to link their devices and IT-Systems into our backend, no matter if these are from Scheidt&Bachmann or other suppliers. This is really innovative because it opens a tremendous space to maneuver for all the transport organizations out there.


Wow interesting. Thank you Manfred!