• Review UNITI expo – successful brand launch: SIQMA

    In Moenchengladbach, the focus is now on intelligent, cloud-based systems. We are taking the next step forward: During the trade fair UNITI expo in Stuttgart, Scheidt & Bachmann was able to celebrate the successful launch of our new brand for fuel retail solutions SIQMA. With the SIQMA brand, Scheidt & Bachmann bundles its experience and competence for future-oriented petrol station management. Scheidt & Bachmann is focusing its product range on innovative software solutions with complementary services. The strategy embraces centrally-hosed cloud-based systems.

    During the UNITI expo, visitors could test the first cloud-based systems for themselves. The focus of the exhibition was on innovative systems that were presented on tablet PCs and smartphones. For the first time, we showed our POS solution on a tablet, and also the back-office system as a solution accessible via the cloud via any device. The goal of all SIQMA products is to make our customers even more successful in a dynamic market.

    Our strategic focus is summed up by Jörg M. Heilingbrunner, Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH: "We are pleased to offer with SIQMA innovative service station system solutions with integrated services. Our customers will greatly benefit from intelligent, cloud-based systems".

  • Product highlights: SIQMA Monitor and SIQMA Fuel & Go

    Cloud-based systems, which are accessible from mobile devices, enable a new flexibility in today's everyday life. Such solutions are indispensable in today’s business world. With SIQMA Monitor and SIQMA Fuel & Go, we are presenting solutions that allow the operator to monitor his petrol station from anywhere and to create customer loyalty via mobile payment.

    SIQMA Monitor

    SIQMA Monitor oversees the functionality of your service station network. Based on average sales data that have been learned by the system, SIQMA Monitor recognizes deviations from the norm and shows these as alarm messages. Many problems, such as card readers that have been blocked with chewing gum, broken nozzles or unreadable screens, can be detected at an early stage and repaired within a short time period. Particularly for unmanned sites, this system represents a vital benefit, as regular routine check-ups on site can be reduced to the absolute minimum.

    SIQMA Fuel & Go

    SIQMA Fuel & Go is our cloud-based solution that brings the outdoor payment terminal to the customers’ smartphone. SIQMA Fuel & Go makes outdoor mobile payment possible without any additional hardware investment. Pay it easy – for any service station.

  • New POS live in operation

    As the management of service stations has become more and more complex over the years, new requirements are being placed on the technology used. The POS system has to keep pace with these changes and new functions have to be continuously added. That is why we have not only modernized our TMS 30 POS, but also added many new functions that make the cashier’s daily work much easier.

    The modern "flat design" of the user interface, which is also used with current smartphones, supports the intuitive operation of the POS. With the flexible arrangement of the buttons, the POS has become even more intuitive. A new feature is the touch layer maintenance function located in the Back-Office, which allows an operator to adapt the TMS 30 touch POS to their individual needs. Shortcut keys can now be arranged for fast access and more menus can be reached via the swipe function, as seen in smartphones and tablet PCs.

    We were delighted to win ExxonMobil as the first customer to rollout the new system into the Esso Germany service station network. The first installations are already operating successfully.

  • Hosting – a new Service by our System Service GmbH

    Last year, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our Scheidt & Bachmann System Service GmbH. Since the company was founded in 1996, our services have had to keep pace with the further development of our systems. What began with on-site services has evolved over the past few years in the direction of Software-as-a-Service.

    The development of cloud-based systems meant that today an extensive dedicated team is entrusted with the hosting of Scheidt & Bachmann systems. We host servers on which the head-office systems of our customers are deployed and are located in a datacentre in Düsseldorf. The necessary network infrastructure is also supported by our specialists and the technical infrastructure meets the latest industry standards. A backup of the systems is held in a second datacentre in Moenchengladbach. We now have over 1,500 service stations connected to the central system. Our customers benefit from our Software-as-a-Service services and our know-how in this area. With our Software-as-a-Service services, we keep your systems up to date and ensure that they always run smoothly.

  • We would like to thank all speakers at our Experts Panels 2016

    Those invited to our premiere event experts panel in Moenchengladbach on April 19, were able to learn first-hand about the future service station. In addition to interesting presentations, very informative discussions took place. We would like to thank all the speakers and the moderator who contributed to the great success of this event.

  • Meet us at UNITI Cards and Automation Forum 2017

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our workshop on "Service station 4.0 - Innovative potentials through networked systems and intelligent partnerships". Learn from Dipl.-Ing. Jörg M. Heilingbrunner and Dr.-Ing. Michael Lenders how service stations will benefit from innovative solutions in the future.

    Workshop 10, schedule:

    • Wednesday, 11.01.2017 at 15.45 p.m.
    • Thursday, 12.01.2017 at 10.00 a.m.
    • Thursday, 12.01.2017 at 14.00 a.m.


    In addition, Heinz Nießen, head of our Product Management department, will give a lecture on "Terminal requirements of the future" for the Association of Terminal Manufacturers in Germany. Please note the date: Thursday, 12.01.2017 at 9.05 a.m.


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